Facebook Graph Search ‘gon find you

It is time to review your privacy settings. Specifically, your Facebook Likes and activities.  Facebook Graph Search is pretty awesome. Imagine nearly endless pivots for search criteria. Now imagine all of the data captured through your Facebook use since you joined. Crap. In college, tons of people liked (at least on Facebook) drinking, hooking up, […]

Another horrible social media use case is unfolding live

Follow it here on Facebook. Edit: the page is now removed, but a search of Pigalle Boston will retrieve tons of screenshots. Pigalle Boston vs. an angry customer Note: This is a screenshot of the public Facebook conversation and not an endorsement or indictment of either party.   Read more about this story and view […]

I was sued over a blog post and you can learn from it

Where to start? For those of you who follow this blog or keep up with me, you may find 232 days without a post a bit odd. Some may have chalked it up to my adorable son (now 14 months old). But, that wasn’t it. I was sued over a blog post. Yep. The same […]

Five Ways to Harness The Power of Community

At Social Fresh East, I was tasked with helping folks harness the power of community – even if they may not have clearly defined communities. My slides can be found below and the video can be found at Social Fresh Academy shortly! Five Ways to Harness the Power of Community View more presentations from Chris […]

Facebook for business – surely you have questions

Thursday (7/21/11) I’ll be rocking the mic at Triangle AMA’s Facebook Training Camp for Marketers. One of my favorite former J. Crew models happens to be keynoting – Marcus Nelson (@marcusnelson). Whether you are attending or joining us in heart, what questions do you have about using Facebook for business? I’ll be more than happy […]