Why Vintage Advertising will always have my heart

why vintage ads will always have my heart - chris moody

There are times I think I should have been born 50 years ago…

Despite my love for technology, my dorkiness with gadgets, my borderline obsession with social media, I’ve always loved vintage advertisements.

There is something so real and raw about them.  The fact that I can look at something, know what it is, and say “I can haz that!” is comforting.

There are some super clever ads and new methods these days (some in my Flickr), but for me, clarity is key.

As we all evolve and update our marketing collateral and ads, please pay homage to vintage ads and be clear.  Don’t lose your message by pushing the envelope.

Remember your message and be clear!

With that, PLEASE check out Vintage Ad Browser and let me know what you think!

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  1. I'm with you on this one 100% Chris! – As advertising begins to clutter our world more and more there is nothing like a vintage print. The messages are always clear and there is typically no hidden agenda. The old fashion font and grayscale gets me every time…


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