After several great years at Phonebooth, I’m saying goodbye

Time flies when you’re having fun. After several fast-paced, exciting years at Phonebooth, I’m stepping out of the booth on December 1st. We’ve accomplished some incredible things together though! We’ve experienced great growth, significantly improved the product & marketing and been featured on almost every major press outlet.

I’m leaving a great team, some incredibly smart and talented folks and a growing business. While it is a difficult decision, I’m taking my talents (thanks Lebron) to Red Hat to tackle new, incredible challenges and continue growing their business that is changing the world through open source.

It is a challenge I’m excited to be a part of and I look forward to joining another stellar team. I’ll still be in Raleigh and will see everyone around. On December 5th, I’ll start a new journey with a slightly different shade of red.

Thanks everyone for the support and all the help along the way!


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  1. Chris sorry to hear about your move but happy to see your moving on to Red Hat.  Good luck and I wish you all the best.

    Happy Holidays

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  5. Major congrats to you, Chris! I am very happy for you, and I look forward to seeing you continue to generate brilliant work and make Raleigh proud. You have already done so much to raise the bar for this entire region. I’m proud to know you and wish you the very best at Red Hat. 

    • Thanks for the kind words Morgan! It was great catching up at Internet Summit and I’m sure we’ll run into each other very soon. Keep up the great work! 

      Ps. Check is in the mail.

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