I was sued over a blog post and you can learn from it

Chris Moody sued over a blog postWhere to start?

For those of you who follow this blog or keep up with me, you may find 232 days without a post a bit odd. Some may have chalked it up to my adorable son (now 14 months old).

But, that wasn’t it.

I was sued over a blog post.

Yep. The same guy who has co-founded an MBA course on social media was named in a lawsuit over it. To be fair, I was never served, but it was a painful experience.

I didn’t really talk about it. I didn’t really know what to do. I didn’t really want to pay to fight it. I was a bit lost.

Luckily, I have some extremely smart friends and an attorney in the family who provided some guidance.

Why was I sued?

Disclaimer: I’m choosing to be vague here. Local news websites and broadcasts covered an event that took place a few miles from my old residence. The story discussed how the application of a new technology was used to help keep the public safe. I thought that was cool.

Boom. I shared the news article on my blog with an intro reading “Interesting use of technology” or something to that effect.

Years pass.

We were trying to sell our house and had just been notified that the offer we accepted was not going to work out due to an insanely low appraisal. We were crushed. We had packed, planned, celebrated and done all the things you do when you’re taking the next step as a family. Now we had to start over again. An hour after that happened, my phone rang. It was a local attorney representing a large governmental organization. He was calling to update me on the lawsuit I was named in.

I literally had a WTF moment.

You must have the wrong person. I haven’t done anything wrong.

Then he proceeds to tell me about how a person named in a news story was unhappy with how they were represented and named all the news stations, websites, forums, users, etc. where the article was mentioned in the suit.

I laugh.

This is ridiculous. Nobody would take this seriously. Sue everyone who shares an article? Are they suing everyone who watched the news? Or everyone who read the website? What about comments, tweets, shares that didn’t stick to a blog?

The attorney was great. He couldn’t give me counsel since he represented another party, but was very calm, respectful and also a bit surprised.

I’m not one to deal with many legal matters. I contested a bogus speeding ticket when I was in my teens (and won). I was deposed when a startup imploded, but had nothing to do with that case (I just told the truth in a conference room for 9 hours). Sued? Really? I mean, come on man. Really?

I hang up the phone and cry.

The house fell through. I’m named in a multi-million dollar suit (I could give a flatscreen TV away). I’m screwed. I had started a new job. I was raising a new family. I am a Dad now. What do I do about all of this? It may sound dramatic, but seeing your name on a document asking for millions of dollars is new to me.

Normally, I would probably be a little more defiant. I believe in standing up for what you believe in. I believe in fighting to make things better, even if you endure the pain to get there. I believe in the greater good. I grew up a team player. I would have probably challenged this head-on if I wasn’t already in the dumps. But, I felt defeated.

I buried my blog away. I grew jaded. I marketed the heck out of all things cloud with my job, but didn’t share much of anything online.

This happened in April 2011… see the trend?

The next few months were stressful. Every time the doorbell rang, I thought I was getting served (that is what happened with the deposition after all). I did what I normally do – get a little analytical and research the hell out of my situation. That is what makes me a decent marketer after all.

Months pass. Eventually, things return to normal.

What to learn from this

You need to increase the buffer you have before putting things online. My motto was always to keep it offline if you wouldn’t want your mom, spouse or boss to see it. But, that isn’t quite enough. Be wary of anything negative or that could potentially damage anyone’s reputation – even if it seems like a no brainer.

After all, it is becoming commonplace to be sued or threatened if you leave negative reviews behind. A Google search now yields over 19 million results for sued over a negative review. Phil Buckley was just recently threatened over a negative review. I received a letter from Cash for Gold once about not referring to it as a scam. It is happening a lot now.

If you like erring on the side of free speech, just be prepared to spend some money to defend a post if someone takes offense to it.

I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice – just findings. These were relevant in my situation.

On the Internet, first source carries the burden.

Well leave it to the Fourth District, Court of Appeal to decide the issue. It determined that Internet websites are subject to the single publication rule. In plain English, (and grossly simplified) it means that you can only sue for damages based on the first publication of a defamatory statement. You can’t, for example, sue multiple times based on a single defamatory statement. This is important because the statute of limitations is triggered at the first publication of a defamatory statement. So the Fourth District effectively held that in regard to alleged defamatory statements made on Internet websites (like blogs or Twitter), the statute of limitations begins to run at the time the statement is first published.

In NC, the statute of limitations for libel, slander and defamation is one year.

You are protected from any statements from a third-party reposted on your blog under the Immunity for Online Publishers and Communication Decency act.

So, what now?

Obviously, I’m writing again. It took me a while, but here I am.

I’m also in talks with several lawyers about a potential resource for bloggers and/or insurance to protect others in similar situations and to have resources available without spending a ton of money. There are groups for the press, but I’m not aware of any for individual bloggers. Chime in if I missed something. It is tricky as I don’t think bloggers are entitled to the press benefits.

I don’t plan to deal with anything else like this in the future. It would be nice to take the Oatmeal approach to threats / lawsuits, but I don’t have the pull or the audience for that.

Be careful out there friends. It felt good to write this and I think I’m over it now. :)

Update from an anonymous journalist

I didn’t see anyone in the comments bring up this organization that you may want to be aware of:

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Also, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press also has done work protecting bloggers as citizen journalists.

Thanks for reading this post.

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Still not sure who wrote this post? I'm Chris Moody.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. In seeking advice to move forward, did you ever consider starting a company as a way to buffer your personal assets from legal issues from your blog writing? You don’t avoid legal fees but it could act as a way to protect what you ans your family own.

    • I have definitely considered it. I think I’m going to create a company to include any personal blog, consulting efforts or other endeavors. Many home owner insurance policies offer some degree of protection too.

  2. I am absolutely floored at the gall of someone to even consider suing another over a negative review no matter where that review is posted – a traditional news source or a social media site. Does that mean that every movie critic now had also better watch their mouths? Does that mean we all have to find the positive amongst the negative (and this is coming from me who does that as often as possible but in this case finds it absolutely ridiculous)?

    You’ve inspired a blog post from me now too. This week expect one.

    I have no more words except to say I too am glad you’re back.

    And you know what – now *I’m* pissed off for you. How’s that?! :)

    Wow…so many things running through my head right now. Blog post is definitely coming.

    • Channel that energy for good! That is what I’m working on now. It was incredibly discouraging and scary for a while. But, with time, I think all bloggers will become even more aware and band together to help with this kind of thing.

      We’re in an age of transparency and anything done to prohibit or slow that down will be met with great opposition.

  3. Oh my GOSH! This is getting shared…as long as you don’t sue me. I kid, kind of. But I am so, so sorry you went through this and as someone who routinely comments on and shares opinions about technology, it’s definitely worth considering. Thanks, friend.

  4. Wow, thanks for all of this information. I learned a lot from what you shared – so thank you. Sorry to hear that you were put through such a stressful situation.

    Wishing you and your family the best, as always,

  5. Thanks for the post. But I’m not sure what your average Joe Blogger should take away from this? As you say, the lawsuit you were slapped with was ridiculous and targeted everyone who even mentioned the case. Which is plain crazy.

    There’s not much we can do to avoid getting hit by something like that, surely, except to not blog about anything that matters in any way shape or form…?

    • I think the takeaway is to be even more careful what you post.

      While yes, the lawsuit was ridiculous… it doesn’t change the fact that it happened. That causes lots of stress and could cost money. I err on the more cautious side now rather than having to fight things like that in the future.

      What I’d like to find is a place / service for others who run into this kind of thing and may not have access to free or affordable legal counsel.

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  7. Dang. I can’t imagine what that must have felt like to deal with all at once. I am glad you’re back blogging again. Definitely murky waters we’re walking through. I applaud and support any efforts to clarify them!! Good on you for sharing your story!

  8. Chris, I am so sorry to hear of your travails but admire your willingness to share your personal hardship so that we may benefit and heed your warnings. Whether or not such frivolous lawsuits can be avoided their ubiquitous nature must not be ignored.

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  11. Welcome back, Chris! What a horrible experience that must have been! I’ll second the suggestion to put your blog behind a corporation. Just make sure it’s an INC or an LLC, a sole proprietorship doesn’t afford the same protection. Mom’s an attorney if you need help setting up the corp. :)

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  13. Woa – that is an eye opener, thanks for posting it. It’s something that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while now but realize I need to take more seriously. I’d like to talk to you about sharing your experience at Social Media Camp in Victoria in May.

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  24. I’m SOO sorry this happened to you! I shared a viral video of a guy FREAKing out at a local ski resort. I will proceed to take it down. Thank you so much for sharing this advice. I also thought about negative images and I posted what I learned about dating my ex’s with picture. I NEVER said anything bad about them but I’m going to adjust that post as well. Again I’m so sorry this happened to you. I hope you never have to deal with it again. And thanks for being such a great person and sharing. I bet you’ve saved a lot of people money and grief!!!

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  31. I came across your blog because I am about to write a blog about my recent experience working in a non profit. I wasn’t sure how to go about it without getting sued since what I am writing is true. Do you think I should keep the organization anonymous?

  32. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your story. Is it possible to be sued by somebody for criticizing a marketing method or a quote they use for marketing if you don’t mention their name or website?

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