Why I was totally wrong about Quora and now love it

I was skeptical.

I have too many things to keep up with already.

Half the time I suck at the things I do keep up with.

I routinely fail at Twitter and checked my Google Reader and Tumblr for the first time in three months today.

Enter Quora.


I like good marketing books as much as the zombie kid likes turtles. I asked this simple question.

Now, I honestly can’t keep up. I’ve had incredible responses in minutes. Including Dave Morin, Ramit Sethi and other folks that I look up to. Minutes.

I’m getting an update notification per sentence typed in this post.

Which leads me to my main point…

I am an idiot.

I refer to myself as a dumb guy, but I honestly doubted Quora. Purely for intelligent Q&A alone… this is gold. Consider me sold, hooked, signed, sealed, delivered. This is awesome.

Now I have the best marketing and product book list there is and it is being added to as I type.

Join in with your suggestions.

Thanks for reading this post.

Follow me on the rest of the webs.

Still not sure who wrote this post? I'm Chris Moody.


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  8. I’ve signed up, explored a bit, but have yet to really use it. I’ve heard complaints about email overload but wonder if I’ll ever visit if it’s not pushed to me somehow. I’d love to read a follow-up from you in about 30 days or so to see if it’s still delivering value. Like you, I’m feeling platform fatigue (stole that phrase from Brogan). But if Quora delivers better curated value than Twitter as well as the potential for relationship-building, it might be the next best thing for many of us.

    • Deirdre,

      I changed my notification settings to only email me a few select events. I keep Quora open in a tab and occasionally I’ll check to see what the latest notifications are. It is a pretty robust Q&A site and provides slightly different information than Twitter.

      I like Twitter for its ease of use and instant gratification. However, Quora does a much better job of aggregating that content for later use.

      Just my two cents. :)

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