Making Social Media Work for Business (a presentation)

Some of you may remember that I led a three hour session at Meredith College on using social media to get results for your business.

I wasn’t able to record the session with my (hopefully) knowledge filled rambling, but I did finally convert the HUGE file into a Quicktime movie – which didn’t successfully embed.

You can find a stripped down version of the slides below and I’ll be more than happy to discuss the details you missed.

Check out the presentation

Need me as a speaker or presenter?

Drop me an email at cm AT or tweet me @cnmoody. I travel well and guarantee at least two laughs and one awkward moment per presentation or lecture.

Jay Baer and Amber Naslund in Raleigh on May 19 – register now!

If you do anything with social media, there is a good chance that you follow Jay Baer (@jaybaer) and Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra) pretty closely.

Thank to Triangle AMA, we’ve landed both of them to come and speak on May 19 at 11:30AM at the Brier Creek Country Club.

Why Register Now?

  1. This will be awesome.
  2. The event includes lunch.
  3. Jay and Amber are both consistently in top 10 speaker, author and blogger lists for marketing and social media.
  4. The first 100 registrants get a free copy of their new book, The NOW Revolution.
  5. I’ll be there if you are one of the two people that follow this blog and haven’t met me in real life.

Event Info

Exclusive Offer: a free copy of the speakers’ book The NOW Revolution to the first 100 registered attenders for Triangle AMA’s May luncheon. Tell all your marketing friends!

The social media evolution has begun, yet so many companies have yet to adapt. Learn how to retool your organization to apply real-time social media marketing and make it work for you rather than against.

Two leaders in social media strategies, Jay Baer and Amber Naslund, discuss the principles in their book The NOW Revolution, and show you how your company or organization membership can add more speed, smarts and sociability.

Don’t miss out: be one of the first 100 to register for the Triangle AMA May luncheon and receive your own copy of The NOW Revolution at the luncheon.

About the book:

Every customer is a potential reporter, and every employee is a potential spokesperson. Business has changed more in the past three years than in the prior 30. But it’s not a threat, it’s an opportunity. The NOW Revolution shows you how. This book isn’t about how to “do” social media. Instead, it outlines how you can retool your organization to capitalize on real-time business. Learn the seven shifts that make your company faster, smarter, and more social, each explained with case studies, useful tips, and actionable implementation advice. The NOW Revolution is the #3 business book in this April’s Inc. Magazine. (

About the authors:

Amber Naslund is a communication and business strategist and the VP of Social Strategy for Radian6. She’s worked with businesses of all sizes to solve business problems through better communication. (

Jay Baer is a tequila-loving, hype-free social media strategy consultant, speaker, and author that works with major corporations and PR firms to harness the awesome power of the social Web. (


I need your help. Jeremy lost his house…

Update: Greg’s initial goal was $1,000. It is 3:54pm EST and $1,385 has been raised. Thanks to everyone who is and has been sharing this and helping Jeremy.

Update 2: Nationwide has contacted Jeremy and added lots of details in the comments (please read).

Nationwide and Jeremy Smith

Most of you know Jeremy Smith or @jeremysaid on Twitter. I’ve known Jeremy for a while, but we currently serve on the Triangle AMA Board together.

While most were lucky enough to be out of the recent NC tornado’s path… Jeremy’s house was not.

Jeremy's house

Jeremy’s house was condemned and is being demolished.

To add to that, his Nationwide Insurance (@nationwide) had recently expired. Full details in the comments, but this was not a malicious act by Nationwide.

Please help Jeremy

Greg de Lima started a ChipIn widget that I’ve embedded below (his original post, but not so original blog theme :). Any penny will help. Please keep Jeremy in your thoughts and prayers.

And the FOUR winners of The NOW Revolution books are…

There were some very solid entries…

So many that I decided I’d even give my copy away. There are four winners instead of three…





Thanks to Jay and Amber for making this happen.

Congrats to all the winners! I’ll be following up with each of you.

The Now Revolution by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund – Book Review and Giveaway

In case you’ve been living in a cave, Jay Baer and Amber Naslund have teamed up and published The NOW Revolution – 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social (affiliate link).

Their new book has been receiving rave reviews and I received a copy with the understanding that I would share my thoughts after reading it…

There is a high probability that this book will frustrate you.

Yes… frustrate you, but follow me here. Jay and Amber have decided to tackle the challenge businesses are facing to adjust to being social and not just doing social. For those of us in or around the “social” industry, we completely grasp this concept.

The NOW Revolution is organized into seven sections – the 7 shifts mentioned in the title. Each shift walks us through the process of becoming social, scalable and sustainable. There are action items, questions, summaries and plenty of additional documents linked via Microsoft Tag technology.

But, you’re wondering why this book may frustrate you.

Most companies are not social.

Even the companies that do social.

Most companies have processes and organizational hierarchies that inhibit being social.

If you have a finger on the pulse of where you work… there is a good chance that reading an actionable guide of what you should or can do to infuse social into your business will lead you to the conclusion How the *$&^ am I going to make this happen?

Being a social company is not a fluffy thing. It isn’t a trendy thing. It isn’t creating cool content that is sharable. It is changing the entire culture of your organization and embracing the fact that there are TONS of things out of your control.

If this was an easy thing to do, we wouldn’t need a book, guide, agency or consultant to help.

What will you get out of The NOW Revolution?

  • Lots of ideas for things to do within the workplace
  • A better understanding of scaling social
  • What to look for and cultivate in employees to become more social
  • How to handle real-time crises
  • A more in-depth knowledge of what listening and monitoring really means
  • Potentially frustrated, depressed or overwhelmed trying to make this happen

Again, I’d like to reinforce the fact that if this was easy… every company would be social. This book when read, understood and placed in the correct hands can be a catalyst to help you start the process of becoming social.

Who should read this?

  • Ambitious, social savvy folks that don’t mind overcoming adversity
  • Executives who don’t want to be years behind the curve (hint: you’re already a few behind)
  • Agencies and consultants that are tasked with improving or creating social strategies and business units

This book isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It isn’t a guide to monetize your blog. It isn’t a direct aide to your personal brand. It isn’t something one person can read and do themselves. However, this book is one that can be passed around to a few key folks and used as a guide to restructure, revamp, create or destroy business practices and processes.

The NOW Revolution is one of the better books I’ve seen to tackle the business and organizational challenges of social media and give you a roadmap to improve things.

What one thing is missing?

Jay and Amber are both extremely smart, engaging and funny folks. I never quite heard their voice in this book. This is something nitpicky and probably comes from the fact that I enjoy talking to each of them, but I wish there was a little more of their personalities here. Granted, the goal of this book isn’t entertainment… it is about empowering you to change your business and teaching you how to do that. But, I would have liked a little of the sarcasm and humor I know and love about each of them. :)

Ready to get your copy and start changing your business?

I have three copies of The NOW Revolution to give away to folks who need and want one.

Here is how to win a copy:

  • Tell me why you want this book and what you plan to do with it.
  • 1 Entry: Leave your explanation in the comments section.
  • 3 Entries: Write a blog post telling me why you want this book and what you plan to do with it and link to this blog post. Notify me and link to your post in the comments.
  • One book will go to the best answer and the other two will be randomly chosen (which means you have a 3x better chance to win by writing a blog post).
  • I’ll announce the three winners February 25, 2011!


Disclaimer: All four books were received free of charge with the understanding I would write a review (good, bad, or ugly) and give away the extra books. :)

PS. Jay and Amber are coming to Raleigh in May for a Triangle AMA luncheon. Stay tuned for more details!